Thursday, April 14, 2011

Body Project Progression

How does one capture the "gesture" of an out of body experience? This is a photo-log of my journey throughout the process of trying to make that happen!

Phase 1: Selena wrapped me ankles to neck in cellophane, and then we proceeded to add strips of packaging tape until there was no seemingly possible way that I would ever get out! The shoulders were the trickiest, since my arms will be in such awkward positions (looking forward to that phase..), but it turned out beautifully. 
It was hot as hell in there; now I know how those poor little caterpillars feel in their cocoons... but hopefully the metamorphosis of my body project will be worth the sweat (literally, it was gross)! 

Body Project: Phase 1

Phase 2: Had to reinforce my "body" today.. it got a little deformed while being stored in the classroom. I think that we were a little behind the learning curve (re: using cheap tape)- so we had to call in Scotch reinforcements in order to keep my (naturally) flat booty from collapsing any further! Overall, I think it's coming along very nicely! (It is kinda freaky too, though- I have to admit!)

Body Project: Phase 2

Phase 3: Had to do this part at home (it was a little on the creepy side).. So I recruited my husband to help me, and I think he had a little too much fun! He decided it would be "hilarious" (ie: "disturbing" to most normal people- he has a great sense of humor) to leave the blinds up in the living room while he proceeded to wrap my entire head in plastic wrap right next to the window. . I'm surprised nobody called the cops!
And then after covering it in tape (can somebody say claustrophobia??) he threatened not to cut it off!
I wonder what the neighbors think of us now?

This has been an interesting project to say the least!

Dexter's next victim!

And.. We have a head!

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