Monday, April 18, 2011

My Puppeteer..

So... last Thursday we voted to have our bodies suspended from the GWP atrium by cross-like fixtures that we could "manipulate" to better convey our body words and phrases (no clearly defined boundaries concerning materials)...

Originally when I was contemplating what it means to have an out of body experience, and who it supposedly happens to, I instantly thought of people who take psychedelic drugs. Designing a cross to better express my phrase would therefore ultimately include some kind of text or visual stimuli that represented the drugs that would enable someone to have that kind of an experience (for instance: fake pills, glow sticks, tye dye etc... obviously I'm thinking of ravers and the like who take LSD and Ecstasy... but would that really clarify the concept of the gesture that my figure is trying to convey??)

It recently dawned on me, however, that people who have out of body experiences are also often those people who have near-death experiences, or even actually die for a few minutes and then are somehow revived or come back to life.. Brainstorming with my husband brought me to the conclusion that the perfect puppeteer for this project would be the grim reaper.. not only does the grim reaper represent death's messenger and thus symbolizes the decision concerning who gets to come back from an out of body experience or not, but he is the ultimate puppeteer over all of our bodies in a (somewhat dark and disturbing) sense... Thus using the imagery of a hooded figure residing over my cross would help facilitate the ultimate message that my body gesture is attempting to send.

Now I just need some inspiration about how to create this figure in a simple, yet meaningful way...
I am hoping these photos will motivate me to assemble the final piece of my body project!

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