Sunday, May 1, 2011

Final Thoughts: Personal and Collective

Personally, I think that having a good partner was essential to this project even though I was able to enlist some help from my husband at home. It was hard initially to submit control over my project to someone else, but Selena was very attentive to creating my figure exactly how I wanted it to be posed. We learned a lot along the way, and tried to avoid past mistakes on the second figure (ie: use better tape!). In the long run, however, we both ended up having major collapse issues that were frustrating and very difficult to fix. I unfortunately would have to say that our body structures were least successful due to how they were stored.  

I think that overall, the project was a success. Once we actually got our figures displayed they all looked amazing! I don't think that anyone who passed by the display could avoid being intrigued by it... However, it was very frustrating trying to get them all positioned and suspended the GWP atrium. The most difficult challenge we faced was the hanging/display system, which was probably too complicated to begin with. Although the puppeteer crosses allowed us to pronounce our body phrases more clearly, perhaps we should have avoided hanging our figures from such an intricate suspension system. I personally would have opted to find a way to get the figures to remain on the ground by creating plastic wrap molds of stands or structures that would have helped keep them erect.

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