Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Body Project #2: Final Product/Final Thoughts

Overall, I think the final product was very well done; everyone did an incredible job on their individual pieces. Once again, I think the only problems were on the collective level as far as creating the internal structure, and accomplishing set up/display in the atrium. Just like with the first project, suspension was just a shady idea to me. I think that the figure would have been more supported if we would have been able to build some kind of stand or structure for it to rest on. I feel like both of these projects required too much collaboration, to the point of sheer frustration.. it was like asking seventeen people to complete a math problem; communication was poor and therefore too much time was wasted on construction and mechanics rather than on creation of the pieces. Personally, I would have enjoyed working on some smaller scale projects that required more in-depth exploration and creativity. I also would have liked to open a dialogue about body image, rather than just talking about the etymology of the word body and the anatomy and function of body parts.

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